The June 29th Executive Order and How It Affects Your Community

If you heard about Governor Ducey’s June 29th executive order, you may be wondering how it affects your community. Ducey’s order, which will remain in place until at least July 27, 2020, will impact your community in three ways.

First, it prohibits “organized public events of more than 50 people” unless your local government approves the event beforehand. So, we recommend considering holding board and annual/special membership meetings virtually for the time being.

Second, community pools can remain open only if “signage is included at all entrances to the pool reminding people to maintain physical distance and that groups larger than 10 should not congregate”. If an association does not comply with the order, the local agency regulating use of the pool can suspend permits that allow the pool to remain open.

Third, indoor gyms and fitness centers must close immediately. If your community offers an indoor fitness center or gym as an amenity to your members, we recommend that it be closed until the executive order expires.

We recommend that boards consult their attorney for legal advice, in addition to reading the executive order in full, prior to making policy regarding use of their common areas. If you’re in need of a community management company who can help your association navigate these troubling times in a professional way, request a proposal today for your community at As always, stay healthy and safe!

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